Dr.Mohammad Ali Ashraf

Dr-Ali ashraf

Dr. Mohammad Ali Ashraf

He has more then 30 years of Experience in social and market research both in and outside of the country.

Key area of Expertise:
Qualitative research, Social research, Economic, Finance, Business, Social and livelihood, and Market research activities, Conducting Poverty Alleviation, Child Labor related Project Implementation.Management Consultancy,

  • He has joined Datascape Social & Market Research in from its birth in the roll of head of Research. He coordinates the whole researcher team of Datascape Bangladesh.
  • Started career as a Research Officer in Bureau of Socioeconomic Research and Training affiliated with the Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology in Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh in 1986 and worked in different socioeconomic projects contributing to the effort of development community.
  • Took part in different research and consultation works on Evaluation and Impact Assessment, Program Development and Implementation in different sector of development including poverty eradication, child-centered development, climate change, disaster risk mitigation, urban development, transport economics, with having experience to work with CARITAS, IBER, MFIs in Bangladesh and Research Centers of the University of Oslo, in Norway and University of Ottawa-Carleton in Canada.
  • Possess good Market research skills, Econometric and Statistical Analyses, Demographic analyses, Project Implementation, Experience of Consumer satisfaction studies, advertisement analysis, customer confident Building studies of private banks, study about Mobile Phone companies and Fast Food ventures.

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