MERNet-New Window in the development arena


Monitoring Evaluation and Research Network is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm in Bangladesh that helps to improve the impact of humanitarian and development projects through better use of data. We are the first organization providing the “Third Party Monitoring” (TPM) service in Bangladesh. Third-party monitoring (TPM) is monitoring by parties that are external to the project or program’s direct beneficiary chain or management structure to assess whether intended outputs, outcomes, and impacts have been achieved by the project.

We help governmental organizations, national and international Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Donor agencies, public and private enterprises to see the value behind the numbers, track the progress of program implementation against the set targets. MERNet executes a variety of quantitative and qualitative data collection tools and techniques and implementation of surveys, focus group discussions, and key informant interviews. MERNet works with its clients to achieve the M&E plan to ensure program quality.

We support data needs so decision-makers can spend less time setting up monitoring systems and analyzing data and learning from prior experience. We help organizations measure what they doand the results they achieve through research services. We manage and implement comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, and research both qualitative and quantitative methodologies using different tools.

MERNet has a pool of highly experienced management team and advisers have a proven outstanding. Professional career record with high-level management capabilities. We have a panel of more than 600 trained research interviewers across Bangladesh. MERNet aids the transparency of investments through a streamlined approach to data collection and analysis, delivering high quality, technically valid, and timely reports that give firm grounds for your management decisions. We always apply a

Consistent approach, so that results can be compared across time. By effectively measuring your Performance, Contribute to new project designs, sector strategies, and broader strategic revisions that maximize development effectiveness.