We Offer

To deliver quality research. By using an array of scalable, best-in-class methodologies datascape deliver actionable insights with deep perspective. Below we share a variety of ways in which we help our clients make smart and informed decisions

  • Field Work
  • Back Office Support Services
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research
  • Desk Research [Secondary research]
  • Social Media research
  • Central Location Tests
  • Database creation
  • Newsletters
  • NGOS Evaluation/ Assessment

Types of project

The following are just some examples of the wide range of services we have delivered to our clients. For more information, please contact us.

  • Competitor analyses
  • New Product development
  • NGOS Evaluation/ Assessment
  • Market development (market entry and market penetration)
  • Sales channel / retail development
  • Competitive analysis and positioning
  • Marketing mix strategy development
  • Sales channel satisfaction and performance analyses
  • Usage and attitude testing
  • Product and package testing
  • Ad and promotion testing and effectiveness analyses
  • Retail studies
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Brand perception study
  • Brand positioning and image research