What we offers


We Offer
To deliver quality research. By using an array of scalable, best-in-class methodologies datascape deliver actionable insights with deep perspective. Below we share a variety of ways in which we help our clients make smart and informed decisions

Field Work
Back Office Support Services
Quantitative and Qualitative Research
Desk Research [Secondary research]
Social Media research
Central Location Tests
Database creation
NGOS Evaluation/ Assessment

Types of project
The following are just some examples of the wide range of services we have delivered to our clients. For more information, please contact us.

Competitor analyses
New Product development
NGOS Evaluation/ Assessment
Market development (market entry and market penetration)
Sales channel / retail development
Competitive analysis and positioning
Marketing mix strategy development
Sales channel satisfaction and performance analyses
Usage and attitude testing
Product and package testing
Ad and promotion testing and effectiveness analyses
Retail studies
Customer satisfaction studies
Brand perception study
Brand positioning and image research


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  1. Rakib Hossain says:

    Datascape Bangladesh is a trusted social and market Research firm in Bangladesh. Datascape Bangladesh offers Social Research and Market Research in Bangladesh. Among the Market research agency in Bangladesh Datascape Social and Market research is pioneer.

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