2nd Datascape International Conference on Development Research (ICDR)

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2nd Datascape International Conference on Development Research (ICDR)

Conference Date: 28 December, 2024
Last Date of Abstract Submission: 15 November 2024

The 2nd Datascape International Conference on Development Research (ICDR)

Fosters a dynamic environment for scholarly exchange by convening a diverse range of research presentations. The conference’s program adapts to accommodate presentations of varying lengths and quantities, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of critical development research. Recognizing the transformative power of open access research data, ICDR facilitates real-time data accessibility, empowering researchers to drive impactful advancements. This commitment to free data extends beyond academia, benefiting a wide range of stakeholders including students, libraries, educational institutions, research institutes, and businesses. To further its mission, ICDR plans a series of international conferences, creating a global platform for knowledge exchange through roundtable discussions, poster presentations, seminars, and informative exhibitions.

About Datascape Research and Consultancy Limited

Datascape Research & Consultancy Limited is an independent research and consulting firm with a global footprint across diverse industry verticals. Datascape was established on 16 March 2016, named Datascape Social and Market Research, and revamped its identity, including a fresh new logo registered under the company act XVII of 1994 with the registrar of joint-stock companies & firms as “Datascape Research and Consultancy Limited” on its 7th anniversary aimed to large scale operation in the national and international market for aiding informed decision making. Leveraging a comprehensive suite of market research capabilities, Datascape Research & Consultancy Limited empower businesses to optimize new product development, e-commerce strategies, and B2B navigation. Under social research platform tackles critical issues like climate change, food security, and education inequality, fostering a more sustainable and equitable future through data-driven insights.



RSH Tower (7th Floor), Plot No. 23, Road 3, Section 11, Block A, Pallabi, Dhaka

+88 01894 834470

Conference Theme

Papers on (but not limited to) the following topics are welcomed:

Call For Abstract

The abstract should be comprised of objectives, methodology, and findings within 300 words. Submit your abstract by email (To: rakib@datascape-bd.com) by 15 November, 2024.

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Registration Process

Authors must register to present their papers at the conference, and every author will get a certificate of participation as a token of appreciation. For registration, fill out this form “Click Here”. We will publish quality papers in our conference proceedings. Besides, we are exploring options for collaborating with a reputed international journal to publish the paper that will qualify those journals’ screening process.

Important Dates

Keynote Speaker

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To Be Decided (Will uploaded very soon)

Contact for more information

Email: rakib@datascape-bd.com
Website: info@datascape-bd.com 
Registration & submission: Click Here

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