Market Research Manager

Basic Job Information

Job Title: Market Research Manager

Position Type: Permanent/Fulltime

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Number of positions available: Five (5)

About Datascape Research and Consultancy Limited

Datascape Research & consultancy Ltd is an independent research and consulting firm with a global footprint across diverse industry verticals. This entity is established on 16 March 2016 and named Datascape social and market research and revamped its identity including a fresh new logo and brand identity registered under the company act XVII of 1994 with the registrar of joint-stock companies & firms as “Datascape research and consultancy limited” on its 7th anniversary aimed to large scale operation in the national and international market for aiding informed decision-making. We have a panel of more than 600 trained research interviewers supported by 12 regional Coordinators and 36 supervisors.

Essential Job Duties

There can be some variation in responsibilities depending on whether you work for an agency or client-side, however, you’ll generally need to:

  • Providing leadership to the market research team.
  • Communicating with clients to understand and document the business objectives
  • Building relationships with new and existing client base
  • Develop proposal and selecting the most appropriate research methodology and techniques
  • Designing qualitative and quantitative research plans for products in all stages of the Product Life Cycle
  • Designing research questionnaires and moderator guides
  • Working with Project Directors to oversee the fieldwork initiative
  • Interpreting data, writing reports, and making actionable recommendations
  • Coordinate Youth Researcher Program for Business students.
  • Supporting coordination of enumerators and other research staff for field and remote research activities


  • A minimum of 3 to 5 years within the custom Market Research industry
  • Academic and practical experience with a wide array of new product, brand, advertising, and customer satisfaction research methodologies
  • Exceptional written and oral communication abilities
  • Strong analytic skills with experience in statistical modeling and analysis
  • Proficient with Excel, PowerPoint, and SPSS/SAS
  • Bachelor or advanced degree in business, mathematics, or the sciences


This position reports to the Managing Director, Datascape Research and Consultancy Limited.

How to Apply

Online and Email: Info@datascape-bd.com

Salary: Negotiable

Compensation & Other Benefits

Attractive salary and other comprehensive package will be provided.

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