New Product Development Research

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Datascape Research and Consultancy Limited work with businesses, providing New Product Development market research services to support them on their innovation journey.  Datascape’ll help you to refine, develop and test these further to create marketing-beating products and services. Working with us, you’re in safe hands. Our team has been behind successful product launches for a host of global brands with the following research service in Bangladesh.

Proposition development:

Determine and differentiate the emotional benefits that consumers see behind your product and services to help you create a genuine connection between your brand and your customers. Our value proposition research helps you understand the consumer perspective. Through a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques, we can explore and playback the different benefits your product has and how these ladder up to meeting the emotional needs of consumers.

Concept testing

Identify the strongest concept(s) to take forward for further iteration and development. We work with businesses to help them move beyond blue-sky thinking. With concept testing, we’ll help you develop a shortlist of viable concepts to take into the next stages of product development.

Using a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques, we’ll help you understand the consumer view of different concepts, exploring whether the product proposition, the problem you’re trying to solve and reasons to believe resonate with your target audience.

Concept validation.

Understand how your offering performs with consumers so you can optimize it before launch. Concept validation allows you to build a detailed understanding of how your current and target customers feel about the core aspects of your offering before it’s launched in-market.

Using a range of qualitative and/or quantitative techniques, we can help brands understand the appeal at an overall level, as well as identify particular aspects to improve further. This can take the form of a simple or detailed online survey, an online community, or a program of focus groups.

Product testing

Re-developing or launching a new product or service is never easy. Competition is fierce; gaining market share from established players is tough. But by helping you understand what matters most to consumers, our approach to product testing ensures you’re able to get ahead.

We work with businesses across all stages of the product development process, helping you understand how to refine your products and services before the launch.

Using advanced quantitative techniques, we can identify which attributes correlate most with product appeal, so your R&D team knows where to focus their efforts. By following this with qualitative research, we’re able to dig deeper, exploring how to improve specific areas of the product or service to make sure it stands out from the crowd.

Our design team is also on hand to mockup product designs, helping visualize ideas for consumers and iterating these at speed based on their feedback.

Pricing research

It can be hard to determine the value consumers place on new products or services. With pricing research, we can help you along the New Product Development cycle to home in on the optimum pricing strategy. Our suite of pricing techniques is designed to work across the go-to-market journey – from the initial stages of development, where can provide broad pricing thresholds right through to full launch, where we can help you understand the price elasticity of your product.

Whether you want to understand the branded impact of pricing, the trade-offs consumers will make in product or service features versus price, or simply find the parameters of acceptable pricing, we have the tools and techniques to help.

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