Environment, Climate Change and Disaster risk Reduction Research

The most pressing issues Bangladesh deals with are climate change’s effects and the regular natural catastrophes. Again, we are moving into a more dangerous era for the next generation to live in since we are losing the elements of nature that keep us alive, such as rivers, trees, biodiversity, etc. Despite being one of the most vulnerable nations in the world, we are accountable but not the best at preparing for climate change. We have minimal influence on international politics since we are a developing nation, which limits our ability to influence how international policies are formed. Therefore, it makes sense to have a strategy to minimize loss, and DRR has taken center stage in nations like ours.
Datascape conducts a wide range of research to capture the impact of the Environment, Climate Change, and Disaster Risk Reduction. The services include research, Baseline, Evaluation, needs assessment, impact assessment, vulnerability assessment, loss and damage assessment, etc. We have competent in-house staff and consultant pull for conducting social research in Bangladesh focusing on Environment, Climate Change, and Disaster Risk Reduction.
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