Education and Literacy Research

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Education enlightens a person’s soul and gives him a proper path to walk a long way and empower himself. It’s a systematic process of receiving or sharing knowledge with adequate instruction, and it also refers to conveying the values and cognition from one person to another. Education helps children develop culture, shape their personality, and prepare them for future societal responsibilities because they are not born with cultural knowledge. The most primitive cultures, however, hardly ever offer formal education in the traditional circumstances, such as schools with classes and teachers. Instead, their whole environment provides them with the required knowledge and forces them to acquire the abilities they require to survive. Societies evolved to get increasingly complicated as time went on. Due to this, men developed a more successful method of passing down information and cultural transmission. As a result, formal educational institutions with teachers were created. As a result, education has become an essential human right and one of the most significant contributors to a society’s progress.

On the other hand, the ability to read and write is known as literacy. However, the modern world no longer accepts this conventional concept of literacy. Today, literacy involves the capacity to comprehend, communicate, and gain helpful information using words, numbers, images, computers, and other essential tools. The definition of literacy by UNESCO is “the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate, and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varied contexts.” Literacy is a vital ability in the modern world and the primary measure of the educational attainment of a population. Global literacy rates have increased over the last few decades.

Datascape provides a wide range of research to capture the level of literacy using different recognized tools. The services include research, Baseline, Evaluation, Needs Assessment, impact assessment, vulnerability assessment, etc. We have competent in-house staff and consultant pull for conducting social research in Bangladesh focusing on Education and literacy rate.

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